Proudly endorsed by:

Elected Officials

Representative Cori Bush

CO State Rep. Tony Exum, Sr. 



Blue Rising PAC

Matriarch PAC

Vote Common Good

Community Leaders

Aaron Belkin, President of Take Back the Court Action Fund

CO State Rep. Tony Exum, Sr. 

Henry Allen, President of Pikes Peak Chapter of Southern Christian Leadership Conference (Colorado Springs, CO)

Stasha Rhodes, Former Managing Director of Democracy Campaigns (D.C.)

Jamal Holtz, DC Statehood Activist (D.C.)

Shenika Carter, Founder of Caravan for Racial Justice (Commerce City, CO)

Jessica LaShawn, Founder and CEO of Mogul Academy (Chicago, IL)

Candice Bailey, Founder of Lighthouse Consulting & Justice for Elijah McClain Actictionist (Aurora, CO)

Summer Nettles, Producer & Documentarian of “She Quit” (Denver, CO)

Abiola Agoro, Founder of Disturbing Inequity (Atlanta, GA)

Tamara Brummer, Senior Advisor of Demand Justice (D.C.)

Duane Vandross, Founder of The Black Code (Arlington, VA)

Patrick Oliver, Founder of Say It Loudly! (Dallas, TX)

Mike Martin, Founder of RawTools, Inc. (Colorado Springs, CO)

Jimmy Sellars and Mark Monroe, Co-founders of Ark Valley Pride, (Salida, CO)

Rebekah Henderson, Documentarian “Running With My Girls” (Denver, CO)

Laura Reeves, Gun Violence Prevention Activist & Vol with Moms Demand Action (Parker, CO)

Kevin Mitchell, Poet & Co-Founder of Empowerment Solidarity Network (Colorado Springs, CO)

Emma Tang, Student Activist & Owner of IG @Intersectional.abc (New York, NY)