Meet Stephany

Rev. Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding is our Champion.

for Chicago's Southside.

Rev. Dr Stephany Rose Spaulding is a pastor, author, professor, activist, organizer and native daughter of Chicago's Southside.

Born at Little Company of Mary Hospital; educated at Ralph H. Metcalfe Elementary and Morgan Park High School; and cultivated in the West Pullman, Jackie Robinson, and Abbott Park programs, Stephany is the daughter of this District.

Her family has lived in these communities for generations, bearing witness to the ebb and flow of their transformations. She grew up in a working-class household, and is the fourth of five children. Her parents, Rosemary and Lawrence Spaulding, are both retired Chicago Public School teachers.

With encouragement from her family pastor, her parents met the challenges and difficulties inherent in working full-time to support their educational journeys at Chicago State University, while raising their children. Because of their powerful examples, education and service to all humankind has become her lifelong calling.

She has built a life that represents the hopes of teachers, worship leaders, mentors and family.

She has built a life that represents the hopes of teachers, worship leaders, mentors and family. Stephany made a commitment early on to dedicate her life to education and service.

Stephany attended Clark Atlanta University on a full tuition scholarship, where she earned my B.A. From Atlanta, went to Purdue University, earning a Master’s and then a PhD in American Studies. From there, she accepted a position at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, earning tenure as an Associate Professor of Women’s and Ethic Studies, and eventually becoming the Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. 

Through her leadership in higher education and as a champion for truth, healing, conciliation and reparations, she understood this moment as the best opportunity to give back her gifts and talents to so many who have supported her. Thus, she is running to bring new life, investment and hope to communities that, rich in history, love and culture,  are now struggling to thrive. 

"I remember the 80s and 90s when people said they were tearing down our communities to revitalize there. That was 30 years ago and the store they tore down is still an empty lot in a legit food desert. I cannot stand idly by without a commitment to justice and investment in our community, in what we know is possible."

Illinois’ First District once served as a beacon of hope for those fleeing the oppression of the slave-owning South. 

Illinois’ First District once served as a beacon of hope for those fleeing the oppression of the slave-owning South. The dreams of a better life permeated throughout the streets of the Southside as small-businesses thrived and families planted roots that would last generations. Today, the Chicago skyline shines as a distant beacon of success for what could have been and should be available to all residents of Illinois 1st Congressional District.

The home of Oscar S. De Priest and Ralph Metcalfe, of Black Panther Bobby Rush and Pres. Barack Obama, the storied roots of the district run deep. Today, the district of promise remains as the third most impoverished portion of the state; but we are communities of people ready to see our dreams of change come to fruition.

From obscene economic inequality to the erosion of our democracy, Illinoisans of all walks of life need and deserve a champion fighting for them in Washington DC.

Together, with the winds of change at our back and faith in our future, we can reverse the decades of redlining which have left behind the people of the First District. By working towards systems of justice, equality, and equity we can achieve the promises of the legacy that lay before our feet.

Rev. Dr. Spaulding has spent years on the frontline of the fight for voting rights, because an unjust and disenfranchised Democracy is the greatest barrier to safety at home. The doors to progress lead us towards a just world where every single person has clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and a safe bed to sleep in at night. They lead us towards Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, living wages, and a fully invested community in which we can all stop just trying to survive and, finally, begin to thrive.

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Meet Reverend Doctor Stephany Rose Spaulding!

Rev. Dr. Stephany Rose Spaulding is running to bring investment and hope to IL-01 communities rich in history, love, and culture, but are now struggling. Where a grocery store or local business may have once stood, there are now vacant lots and boarded-up shops throughout the district. Following in the footsteps of her working-class parents, Chicago Public School educators in their own right, Spaulding is a pastor, author, professor, and national activist and organizer who has been guided by the Chicago winds of her faith, family, and community mentors. She has dedicated her life’s journey to the knowledge and resources needed to demand justice and equity for all.